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TTRPG - Coriolis Factions

A Sunburst displaying all factions of the Third Horizon for Coriolis RPG

After years of playing Coriolis, it turned out that memorizing and understanding the current factions of the Third Horizon was a pain for my players. Indeed, the factions are not half as "easy" to figure out than in most games, and I eventually felt that creating a visualization was necessary.

This was an amazing occasion to test Vega's ability to create an appealing radial visualization. I was rather disappointed to figure out that Vega-lite does not work with hierarchical datasets, as they prove to be quite popular and common, and working with "pure" Vega is definitely more cumbersome.

I then extracted that visualization in SVG, and further tweaked it to make it look good. You can find the results below. If you'd like a translation, don't hesitate to ask!

All factions of the Third Horizon

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