« Si bien qu'ayant maintenant laissé s'écouler la moitié de mon existence sans me rendre maître d'aucune technique, j'ai voulu, de toutes mes fautes, tirer un ouvrage en guise d'avertissement à l'universalité des humains. » - Le Rêve dans le pavillon rouge, vol. I, Récit I, p. 4

Pierre Vanhulst

I'm a Frontender at Liip, a fairly large and highly competent Swiss Web Development Company. Before that, I was both a veteran and a PhD Candidate at the Human-IST Institute of University of Fribourg. I've been giving courses about data visualizations (French), managed a few institutional websites, developed web platforms (check out the projects) and danced hip-hop with china plates. Being rather shy in the big world of development, I usually do not openly share my code online (though I plan to do so in the near future, once proud of my projects), yet feel free to contact me if you need any assistance regarding web technologies, especially the Vue band (Vue + Nuxt + Vuetify), Svelte and child (Svelte + SvelteKit) and D3.

From a more academical point of view, my research focuses on collaborative analysis of data visualizations. Think of use cases like data journalism: in some cases, hundreds of analysts work on more than 1'000'000 documents filled with connections between entities. They have to communicate their insight to their colleague in live and keep track of their reasoning in the most efficient way. What techniques can we use to help them in their task? This is my main research question.

In real life (that is, not during working time), I'm a regular geek fond of semi-historical roleplaying games, video games, drawing and a few other stuff. You can learn more about this in my fancy blog, Les Archives d'Anubis (French).