Various projects I've been working on, outside of my work at Liip.

2023 UX researchers salaries 🏷️ development🏷️ professional🏷️ viz
A more advanced attempt at building exploratory visualizations with Vega and Vega-lite
2022 TTRPG - Coriolis Factions 🏷️ gaming🏷️ viz
A Sunburst displaying all factions of the Third Horizon for Coriolis RPG
2022 TTRPG - Timeline 🏷️ gaming🏷️ viz
A small visualization of all the sessions of tabletop roleplaying led since 2006
2019 - 2021 Colvis - the interface 🏷️ development🏷️ academic
Web interface to incite analysts to foster richer annotations in exploratory data visualization.
2019 - 2021 FairElection - Simulation of Federal Elections 2019 🏷️ development🏷️ personal
A visual simulation of alternative election methods for Swiss National Council.
2017 - 2019 CLISEL 🏷️ development🏷️ academic
A Coordination and support action of Horizon 2020 about Law and Climate-induced migration
2017 - 2018 Colvis - the theoritical framework 🏷️ academic
A description of possible types of user-authored annotations in the context data visualization.
2017 - 2021 premDAT 🏷️ development🏷️ personal🏷️ academic
Web platform to compare roleplaying game Player-Characters and visualize their similarities.
2017 - today This website 🏷️ development🏷️ personal
A simple personal website.
2016 - 2018 BES Online 🏷️ development🏷️ academic
An online platform hosting a treatment for Binge-eating disorders
2016 - today Vandymagination 🏷️ development🏷️ personal🏷️ vandy
Professionnal website for the most remarkable artist & graphic designer that ever lived.
2015 - 2020 Human-IST Institute Main website 🏷️ development
Homepage for the Human-IST Institute of the University of Fribourg.
2009 - today Les Archives d'Anubis 🏷️ development🏷️ personal🏷️ gaming
A personal blog about roleplaying games and a few other topics that I fancy (French)